Petr Cech Talks About The Difference Between Wenger and Mourinho

ARSENAL goalkeeper Petr Cech has uncovered the fundamental contrast between Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho having worked under the two chiefs in the Premier association.

PETR CECH joined Chelsea under Mourinho in 2004 from Rennes, playing 494 GAMES and winning 15 trophies with the Blues.

He at that point moved to Arsenal in 2015, where he has won three trophies in 83 GAMES.

Petr Cech says Arsene Wenger is endeavoring to copy Jose Mourinho’s “win no matter what” attitude.

“When he [Mourinho] arrived at Chelsea from Porto, he brought the main thing: he came from a club where it was not acceptable to him to finish second in the championship.

“He brought the same spirit in Chelsea. He thinks only about victory, whatever the price.

“He hates draws. If we returned to the dressing room with a draw, it was known that he would not be satisfied.

“On the other hand, he also wants to be able to keep a 1-0 or beat a team 5-0 if possible. No matter how Mourinho wants the result.

“The philosophy at Arsenal is completely opposed to this.

“It is not won at all costs but we want to win with a good way of playing. This is beginning to change in our approach.”


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