Neymar Is not bigger than Barcelona – Josep Maria Bartomeu

Neymar Is not bigger than Barcelona – Josep Maria Bartomeu

Neymar Is not bigger than Barcelona – Josep Maria Bartomeu

Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu boasted that no player is more noteworthy than the Catalan club on Monday in the wake of Neymar’s world record 222 million euro ($264 million) move to Paris Saint-Germain.


“No player is above Barca,” Bartomeu told the world congress of Barca supporters social affairs.

“You understand that Neymar confined bit of the achievement of our club, however Neymar is as of now history. He expected to go. It was his decision notwithstanding the way that we did everything in our grip for him to remain.”

Barca were slight to stop Neymar leaving after PSG met the buyout stipulation in the Brazilian’s understanding, which he had stamped as of late a year prior.

Regardless, Bartomeu protected himself from criticism that the club should have requested embeddings a considerably higher buyout arrangement in that course of action to battle off PSG’s millions.

Neymar’s stipulation rose from 200 to 222 million from July 1 and would have bounced to 250 million had he entered the third year of the five-year deal.

“We expected that he could leave later on, that is the reason we brought his buyout stipulation up in the new contact,” included Bartomeu.

“Tolerating this money empowers us to stand up to the future with affirmations to strengthen the gathering.

“Right when the inquiries over his future began we were calm since his decision would be a better than average one

“In case he stayed we would keep up a remarkable player and if he went, plainly paying his arrangement, we had the confirmation of having the ability to bring new players.”

Barca have been associated with a movement of potential supplantings for Neymar with Liverpool’s Philippe Coutinho heading their rundown of things to get.

Be that as it may, Bartomeu ensured to be act with “sensibility” paying little mind to managing in a trade grandstand portrayed by hyperinflation as a result of impacting TV rights deals.

“The 222 million euros that we got for Neymar Jr will be coordinated with sensibility, painstaking quality and serenity,” he said


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