Manchester United Coach Jose Mourinho Gets Road Named After Him In Portugal

Manchester United coach Jose Mourinho has had a street named after him in the place where he grew up of Setubal, Portugal out of appreciation for his accomplishments in football.

The seafront road, Rua da Saude, was renamed the Avenida Jose Mourinho in a function on Tuesday, with Mourinho himself in participation alongside his mom, and the chairman of Setubal.

Mourinho delighted in the event, saying, “I’m thankful, energized, and glad.”

“Despite everything I need to come to Setubal and be my identity. I come to Setubal since I cherish Setubal. Setubal remains the main city where I feel like myself, where I feel like Ze Mario (his Portuguese epithet), where I stroll in the city and individuals treat me like I get a kick out of the chance to be dealt with.”

The leader, Maria das Dores Meira, said Mourinho was a “child of Setubal, a man of the world, a worldwide identity” who “fills us with satisfaction”.


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