Manchester United Agree To sign 15-Year-Old Charlie McCann From Coventry.

Manchester United have Agreed to sign 15-year-old midfielder Charlie McCann from Coventry.

McCann, who was rung by England under-16s prior this mid year, was one of the brightest prospects in the League Two club’s ACADEMY and had been with the place where he grew up club since the age of seven.

The Sky Blues have gotten an undisclosed charge for the Coventry-conceived player and foundation director Richard Stevens said they couldn’t remain in his direction.

Stevens disclosed to Coventry’s site: “When a major football club come thumping, and the club Charlie underpins, you should release him and have that experience.

“We would not like to offer him, we didn’t require a charge for him despite the fact that there was an expense included.

“He has been inconceivable for us, notwithstanding influencing his England to make a big appearance back in August.

“Charlie runs with finish bolster from me and whatever remains of the staff from the foundation.”

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