What Frank Lampard did to stop Cristiano Ronaldo getting sent off in 2009

This week, the FA confirmed that there would be retrospective bans for players guilty of diving from the start of next season.

A three-man panel will look at footage from the weekend each Monday and they will punish any player found to be cheating – handing them a two-match ban.

An FA statement read: “Although attempts to deceive the referee by feigning injury or pretending to have been fouled is a cautionable offence for unsporting behaviour, the fact that the act of simulation has succeeded in deceiving a match official and, therefore, led to a penalty and/or dismissal, justifies a more severe penalty which would act as a deterrent.

“This process would be similar to the one used now for a red card offence [violent conduct/serious foul play/spitting at an opponent] which was not seen at the time by the match officials but caught on camera. In this situation, three ex-elite match officials review all the available video footage independently of one another and then advise The FA as to whether they believe it was an offence worthy of instant dismissal.”

However, you simply don’t expect certain players to dive.

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