Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates Champions league title with new haircut

Only a day subsequent to scoring twice to lead Real Madrid to the Champions League title, Cristiano Ronaldo broke the web by and by on Sunday. In any case, this time, it had nothing to do with his play on the field. It was Cristiano’s new hairdo that had individuals humming as the Portuguese whiz disclosed his new hair style by means of Instagram.

Never bashful with his haircut decisions, Ronaldo has dumped his adored iced tips and shockingly run with a touch of buzz trim. It’s an alternate search without a doubt for Ronnie, yet it’s difficult to second-figure anything the Real Madrid star does right now.


What say you, FC fans: Do you like Ronaldo’s new hair style? Will this turn into a pattern? One thing’s without a doubt, buzz cut or no buzz cut, Cristiano dependably has the web humming whether he is on the field or off of it.


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